A curriculum for learning React and Flux for total beginners

A curated list of resources, tutorials, and videos to learn React

React is the web’s hottest framework right now (and for good reason in my opinion).

It’s surprisingly simple compared to many other frameworks out there (I’m looking at you, Angular), which makes it pretty easy to learn. If you’re a total React newbie, here’s the list I would follow to learn ReactJS most effectively:

  1. Atlassian’s Why React- key benefits and how it works theoretically
  2. React in 7 Minutes- see it in action. You’ll go through future resources much more quickly after seeing how easily this guy gets it running.
  3. React Tutorial- Build your own React app. They explain in more depth everything you’ve already been exposed to. You should be able to do this one more quickly after going through the previous resources.
  4. Flux Video- Learn how to architect/organize your app using Flux. React is just the ‘V’ in MVC, Flux gives you an awesome ‘MC’ that unlocks the full ease/usefulness of React. This video takes a little while, but lays out a great case for Flux. The text that comes after is useful once you’ve watched the video.
  5. Thinking in React- Now that you know how to use React, this will help you use it well. A relatively quick read as you’re building out your first app.