Open Sourcing My Facial Hair

I believe in the open source community.

In fact, I believe in open source so much, that I’m open sourcing my facial hair design for the next week

I’ve found that nothing brings people together like some ridiculous facial hair. I’ve met so many strangers, made so many people laugh and smile, with something as simple as only shaving off one half of my mustache.

It’s an incredibly effective way of drawing someone out of the routine of their day and the mechanized interactions we’re so used to having. It’s a fun bridge for building a true connection with someone for those fleeting moments you get to interact with them.

So now it’s time to take it to the next level, and see if I can make people happy by letting them choose what to carve into the hair on my face.

Send in any image you’d like of some ridiculous facial hair, and I will try to pull it off for a few days!

The one constraint is that it has to include a mustache. I have something in mind that I’ve never seen on someone’s face, and I need the mustache as the raw material to pull it off.

Current State

My beard’s roughly an inch long. I’m not sure what other info would be useful, but let me know! Here’s the current state: Here's what I look like this morning


Just leave a comment below with a link to what you have in mind :)

Previous Inspiration

And here’s some inspiration from previous beards: Here's what I looked like on a previous Christmas morning

Here's what I looked like on a recent trip

I had some fun shaving off in stages on this previous iteration

The handlebar mustache was fun... until I ran into a biker gang.